mastering the 850 engine (live fire)

lead instructor: joel richardson

Mastering the 850 Engine: This class is designed to bring a wide variety of engine work that is familiar to many area departments. This will include Mastering the Triple Layer, the Backup Man, Firefighter Shortfalls on the Fireground, and More. FULL PPE INCLUDING SCBA REQUIRED.


lead instructor: joel richardson

Truckies are LOVERS: The nuckledragging mentality of the truckie will be met with the fine tuned skills that are required for fire ground truck operations. Topics include ladders, forcible entry (through the lock, bars and chains, etc) and Rescue/RIT. FULL PPE AND SCBA REQUIRED.



The Tactical Engine is a down and dirty look at the blue-collar fundamentals of

aggressive Engine work. This class will examine effective tactics for first-alarm assignment Engine

companies. It will explore efficiently performing essential fireground tasks and will delve into

tactical priorities. The class will address Truck work for engines that don’t have the luxury of

properly staffed truck companies arriving in a timely manner. The fast-paced HOT class is scenario driven with participants getting practical training in size up, initial strategic and tactical prioritization and decision making, weapon selection, handline management, water supply options, search, VES, basic forcible entry, ground ladders and outside vent duties. This class is geared toward those looking to maximize the performance of their Engine Company. FULL PPE AND SCBA REQUIRED.

firefighter survival & rescue/tactical rit operations

lead instructor: carl hohenstine

Do you know what you are capable of accomplishing when the Mayday call comes in. Have you been proactive in performing a RIT size-up when assigned? 

Survival and removing firefighters from a hostile environment will be the focus of this 8-hour class. Skills covered include downed firefighter size-up, packaging a firefighter for removal, air management, softening the structure, ground ladder placement, moving firefighters up/down stairs, removing a firefighter from upper floors, entanglement hazards, and breaching walls. FULL PPE AND SCBA REQUIRED.

everything saws for the fire service

lead instructor: julio ramos

This class is a must! No matter if you are a seasoned tech or a probationary just out of recruit school, This Class Is For You! Everything Saws For The Fire Service will go over in detail on the saws used in the fire service, maintenance and trouble shooting, body positioning, and more! This is not a forcible entry or roof ops class, although you will do both in this class, but an emphasis on saw usage and body positioning. Rotary Saws, Chain Saws, Reciprocating Saws, and Bandsaws will be gone over in detail. FULL PPE REQUIRED.



Come join TNT Rescue Systems Vice President Bud McMahon and his TNT Cadre for an in depth Extrication HOT Class. Want to take your vehicle extrication skills to the next level? This class will challenge students to use sound stabilization and extrication techniques while learning various techniques for handling even the most difficult extrication scenarios. PANTS, COATS, HELMET, GLOVES AND EYE PROTECTION REQUIRED.



In the lecture we will be covering statistics and sharing videos to drive home points of why and when we search. We will also be covering where our searches often fail and where they are successful. The intent is to not only size up our fires on arrival, but also size up our searches so we may perform them quicker and in a more efficient manner. 

It is important to understand that before we make any decisions we need to know where our successes have been. In today’s fire environment we simply do not have much time. We must have a system in place for quick decision making of our searches in relation to our fire environment. We must identify our searchable spaces immediately.  There is no singular mode, rather multiple methods to enhance the survivability for the unprotected occupant. 

This course is about how we search, when to search and what’s the best way to affect our search increasing our odds not only to locate a victim but remove them in the most efficient manner. Let us not forget that life IS and ALWAYS will be our number one priority! It should not be the mindset of “what’s good for us” but rather we MUST concentrate our efforts on what is best for THEM!  FULL PPE AND SCBA REQUIRED.

the 2 1/2: back to the basics

lead instructor: arron sandoval        (4 hrs)

Getting back to the basics of the large diameter hand lines, gaining confidence through line selection, maneuvering, flowing with a limited crew. Each station/evolution will cover realistic fire ground utilization of the 2 1/2". Bunker gear required (helmet, jacket, pants, boots, gloves).

1st Due/2nd Due: Same Job For The Minimally Staffed (LIve fire)

lead instructor: ron givens (6 hr)

For most departments, staffing is always a factor in day-to-day operations. Oftentimes we must accomplish the same tactical objectives only with less staffing. This fast-paced, hard-charging HOT class will cover how to make the most of limited manpower. It will push students to maximize and streamline efforts on the fireground so that critical benchmarks are achieved in a timely fashion. Students taking this HOT class will be required to attend the 2-hour lecture component of this course prior to the HOT training. Full PPE and SCBA are required.

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